Loveland Pass Adventurous Couples Session

Mary and Anchor, two adventurous and outdoorsy souls, celebrated their love with a fun-filled couples session at Loveland Pass. The two of them met as teenagers while growing up in Washington, and reconnected years later after moving to the Springs.

Their adventurous spirits were on full display, with stunning views of the Continental Divide and Rocky Mountains serving as the perfect backdrop for their love story.

Fun fact – the session was a total surprise for Anchor! Mary wanted to give him the gift of beautiful photos together to celebrate their anniversary. She knew Anchor wished they had more photos together and wanted to give him a special memory to treasure for years to come.

The photos capture the playful and loving nature of Mary and Anchor’s relationship, with laughter and silly moments interspersed with intimate and romantic ones. It truly was a celebration of their love and the bond they share, and a testament to the power of capturing memories through photography.

If you’re interested in capturing your own unique love story through a couples session, take a cue from Mary and Anchor and reach out to me so we can plan a fun and adventurous session that reflects you and your partner’s shared passions and interests! Whether it’s a special anniversary, a milestone in your relationship, or just because, a couples session is a wonderful way to celebrate your love and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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