You need a photographer who just gets you. My creative spirit comes alive outside, and that's where my clients get me at my absolute best, which is what they deserve. I'm all about capturing who you really are – all the silly, sarcastic, mushy, REAL parts of you + your relationship. I live for those special moments – engagements, elopements, and everything in-between. Let's skip the cookie-cutter prompts and have some fun!


I'm not afraid to get a little dirty. For real. I'm all about the untamed moments, and I thrive outdoors. That being said, if you have any crazy ideas – I'm all ears! If you're not afraid to get your shoes a little dirty, travel a little further down the path, or wind up with tangles in your hair, let's do this thing! Your adventurous spirits; your wild love deserves to be captured by someone who understands all the crazy ideas running through your head. Maybe that's having an epic hiking elopement or saying your vows on top of a mountain! Whatever it is, I'm down for it. 


Love is a crazy, beautiful, incredible thing. There's no other aspect of life more worthy of cherishing forever. 


I hear you. If you're considering an elopement instead and want to have the adventure of a lifetime, that may require some planning. Maybe you want to elope in a place you've never been to and need some help with location scouting, logistics, timeline, and general ideas for the day. Well, I'm beyond excited to help you with the logistics because I want your day to be the most meaningful and unforgettable experience for you!

Does the whole 'traditional wedding' thing not feel like a good fit? 

We all show up, have the time of our lives, share some laughs, become best friends, and live happily ever after. Yep, just like that. Your wedding day matters. I want to make sure you two have the most magical experience and get to tell your story the way you want to!

your big day!


This is where we start dreaming big and bring all the visions you have for your perfect day to life. I'll send over a personalized questionnaire, custom location list, and vendor recommendations that match your vision, too! All of the magic comes together here, and I will be there for you every step of the way. Whether it's the announcement to your family, finding a last-minute vendor, or just a place to eat - I got you.

Plan for adventure


Alright, so the first move's on you. Fill out an inquiry form and provide all the details you can (don't spare any details!). From there, we'll schedule a phone call to see if we're a good fit. If we are, we'll go ahead and set up your photo package!

Meet + greet